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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 28, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now abc 2 news, the latest at 11. >> it's a great honor for me to be with you here today, to talk about a man i have so much regard for. so much reverence for. with whom i've done battle for 33 years. and i've enjoyed every minute of it. >> i'll try to be as persistent as ted was, and as passionate for the work. i know i'm privileged to serve there. but i think most of my colleagues would agree, the place won't be the same without him. >> you see senator mccain and orrin hatch and others here today from the other side of the aisle. they're here because they knew what kind of individual teddy was. they loved his laugh. they loved to spend time.
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>> now teddy has become a part of history. and we have become the ones who have to do all the things he would have done for us, for each other, and for our country. [ applause ] >> that was carolyn kennedy schlossberg giving the final thoughts in the celebration of senator edward kennedy's life. for hours, colleagues, friends, and family gathered in boston at this memorial to tell stories and talk about the legacy of their friend teddy. good evening. i'm marybeth marsden. ted kennedy died on tuesday after a long battle with brain cancer. he was 77 years old. some of the people who benefitted from senator kennedy's life's work were in baltimore this week. and tonight the blacks in government organization wrapped up its national convention. our terry owens spoke with some of the members about ted kennedy's legacy. >> reporter: marybeth, these are folks who work in state and federal agencies across the country. and as one said to me tonight, some have roles they couldn't have dreamed of 30, 40 years
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ago, and they firmly believe it's because of the work of senator kennedy and his family. as the memorial celebrating senator kennedy's life was underway in boston, here in baltimore, an organization that he knew well was also remembering his contributions to the nation. jay david reeves is president of blacks in government. >> senator kennedy always fought throughout his entire life to ensure that everybody had equal opportunity. >> reporter: members of b.i.g. sent the week discussing the challenges their members face as well as new opportunity, opportunities almost unthinkable when ted kennedy joined the senate 47 years ago. >> there are a number of african americans who have moved up in senior level positions that they could never imagine they could have been in 30, 40 years ago. >> reporter: the featured speaker at tonight's closing session knows firsthand the struggles of the civil rights movement, and the contributions of the kennedys.
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dr. robowski grew up in the segregated south. >> having grown up in birmingham, and having seen what the kennedys did to help all children. what we see today is that legacy. >> reporter: umbc will pay special [ overlapping dialogue ] during a program at the school's shriver center. >> what we want our children in america to understand is just how much senator kennedy and others in his family did for civil rights of all people. taught us that we ecould have the courage to speak for those who could not speak for themselves. >> like the kennedys, the doctor said those of who are fortunate in life have a responsibility to help children and all people in need. >> i'm sure a lot of people over the course of this week have been talking about his legacy. >> oh, all this week, you know. >> thanks, terry. you will be able to watch the entire funeral service and burial tomorrow right here on abc 2. president obama will be giving the eulogy. he has already arrived in boston.
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here is the tv schedule, which of course is subject to change. the abc special report remembering ted kennedy will start at 10 a.m. with the funeral in boston. that is expected to end around noon. and abc will air the little league world series until the funeral in arlington, virginia begins at 5:30. that's where the burial will be happening. again you watch it all tomorrow right here on abc 2. and as we start our weekend, we are all keeping our eyes on tropical storm danny. the big question, will he or won't he make our weekend a washout? norm has the answer. he has been tracking danny from the storm center. norm? >> danny is not going to cause us to be a weekend washout. and the flow of moisture, that's going to give us more showers that could impact a portion of the weekend. but danny is going to be far enough out into the atlantic it's not going to be a washout for us. now over the past couple of hours, we've been tracking some showers making their way north and east. we have a little bit of break the action. but you can see more showers moving in southwest of d.c. so overnight and during the early morning hours, more rainfall
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from that tropical moisture flow. not from danny, from another area of low pressure. we'll break it all down for you in the forecast, coming up in just a couple of minutes. they say it's among the worst case of animal hoarding ever in anne arundel county. animal control officers tell us the home where they rescued 21 dogs was in deplorable condition with feces piled up a couple-feet high. and now we're learning this may not be the first time for this family. delia goncalves joins us with an update. >> reporter: marybeth, animal control officers today seized the abused animals this time around. but some years ago neighbors say they took it upon themselves to try to clean up their neighbor's act. if the sight of this clutter and overgrown front yard wasn't bad enough, the smell was even worse. >> it's got an odor. >> the smell is horrendous. i couldn't even have my window open. >> reporter: that's because animal control officers say 21 malnourished dogs lived with a family of four inside 7915 sea breeze drive in orchard beach.
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the house full of litter and dog feces. >> the sound of the dogs howling. the smell. the smell is horrendous. i've been complaining and complaining. and nothing was done. >> reporter: that is until krista called county executive john leopold's office. >> clearly this is a deplorable situation. the residents in the area should not have to tolerate this. >> no animal should live like that. >> reporter: debbie has lived in the neighborhood more than 40 years, and says this family has always had problems with animal hoarding. >> at one time we had gotten traps and trapped cats, and there was like 70 some cats between a couple of neighbors. it's been like this as long as we can remember. >> reporter: this time animal control officers cleared out the dogs. >> of the 21 dog, only three of them had hair. because they were so mangy and flea bitten. the puppies had worms. >> reporter: the house, clearly unfit for animals, is now deemed unlivable for humans by
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the health department. neighbors hope now things will change. police have not released the names of the residents, but we have learned the home is owned by a janet e. taylor. no charges have yet been filed. the dogs we can tell you are recovering tonight at animal control until they're healthy enough, hopefully for adoption. delia goncalves, abc 2 news. officials are seeing a spike in the number of bats flying around the city of baltimore. so far more than 100 people have reported having the winged animals inside their homes. >> and bats are inquisitive. and what they'll do is they'll find any crack, any chink in your home and want to know where it goes. they'll be flying along, and they'll feel cool air blowing out from a cool room through a crack because there is air conditioning inside. well, cool air reminds them of caves, et cetera, and they'll try to go right through that small crack. >> here is the bigger problem. five of the bats captured inside city homes have tested positive for rabies. animal control says if you get
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a bat in your house, don't try to touch it. immediately call 311. a police chase spanning seven miles in cecil county ended yesterday with a state police cruiser getting rammed intentionally by an 82-year-old woman. now police are blaming the whole incident on the medical condition that they think impaired the woman's judgment. they say they tried to pull her over for speeding in perryville, and she didn't stop. she kept going until the cruiser moved in front of her car, and that's when she rammed the trooper's car. luckily no one was seriously hurt. troop are trying to determine if charges will be filed. a man convicted of kidnapping a pair of teens from the timonium light rail station and raping one of them over a two-hour period has received his sentence. 23-year-old kiheem taylor received two life sentences plus 100 years. prosecutors say taylor and his alleged accomplice locked the teenaged boy in the trunk, and then sexual assaulted his girlfriend before abandoning the pair in cherry hill.
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>> it's one thing to come out here to the county and commit a robbery, maybe you carjacked somebody and take their car. but to then torture them and put them through what they did for two hours, and commit sex offenses and take pictures, i mean, it really was sport for this defendant. >> a trial for taylor's alleged accomplice brian scott is scheduled to begin next month. a baltimore county teen is recovering tonight after being shot in the leg. the 16-year-old was walking on smallwood road and punjab drive in essex last night when he was hit. police do not believe he was the target. and in anne arundel county, police are trying to arrest a murderer tonight. andrew joseph giancoli of pasadena was found yesterday bleeding from a stab wound inside an suv stopped on ordnance road in glen burnie. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. after weeks of waiting and leaks to the media, the los angeles county coroner has released part of its official report on michael jackson's death.
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it says jackson's death was a homicide, and blames an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol and another sedative. other drugs were found in jackson's system as well. the singer died june 25th at an l.a. mansion. police are investigating a doctor who was with him that night. last year, he survived a plane crash that killed four people. but tonight word that celebrity disk jockey dj am is dead. adam goldstein was found inside his new york apartment. he performed at hollywood's most exclusive parties and dated starlets such as nicole richie and mandy moore. he was 36. the government has identified some 400 u.s. banks in danger of failing. that's the highest number since the mid '90s. and not since then has a maryland bank failed. that was until the beginning of this year. tonight that number has grown. the latest local bank to fail. we all like to get together and help each other as much as we can. >> and a new trend is sweeping across neighborhoods across the
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country in these tough economic times. find out what it is, next. my 2-degree guarantee for today was 77 degrees. the official high at bwi 77. we hit it right on the nose, four days in a row. tropical storm danny has started to move, and is it moving. where it is going to move to. we're going to tell you, coming up.
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tough times. now a second baltimore area bank has failed. it's the 82nd u.s. bank to do so-so far this year. rodgers forge based bradford bank has been shut down by federal regulators. as we first reported earlier this month, the bank had been
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given two weeks to sale or be taken over. all nine branches will reopen tomorrow morning as m&t banks. both m&t bank and the fdic will share the loss of bradford's loans and other assets. now customers should not be affected, or even notice a change, except you'll be banking with m&t bank eventually. bradford becomes just the second maryland bank to fell between suburban federal savings. and in these tough times, it's not just businesses that are suffering. whole counties are taking hits. in anne arundel county, officials announced a series of budget cuts today. the cuts include a hiring freeze and the elimination of some 107 vacant positions. the county hopes to save $2 million from the hiring freeze. and another $15 million over the next three years by renegotiating the health care contracts. as kids can, we were all told to share. well, in these tough times, adults are being reminded it does have real benefits. as more and more of us search for ways to save. an old trend known as neighbor
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sharing is becoming new again. joce sterman explains. >> reporter: ike carter enjoys a beautiful yard. but to keep it lush, he needs to access pretty expensive equipment he would rather not buy. so he has come up with a clever solution. >> every spring, a bunch of get together and rent a aerator. we'll split the cost between three, four, maybe five families. >> reporter: sharing is the key to savings for him, and apparently a growing number of other people. >> neighbor sharing has become increase leg popular because it's way to save significant amounts of money. >> reporter: even though neighbor sharing is gaining popularity, it's not a new trend according to sociologist jeff barrel. >> it traps in to older traditions of barn raises. >> from books to barbecue grills and even cake pans, the stuff being shared runs the gamut. >> we see bicycles being shared formally and informally, computer software, almost anything you need or use in your daily life we're now
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seeing it being made available through sharing. >> reporter: in one particular neighborhood, several neighbors chipped in for a wood chipper which they all used on specific weekends. yard equipment is ideal for sharing. >> we're seeing increasing neighborhood networking where people share rotor tillers or lawnmowers. >> reporter: even though it's the saving that has us searching for sharing buddies, he sees even bigger benefits. >> benefits are almost more social than economic. sharing rebuilds community and gives america a sense of a place where we look out for each other and learn to survive together as opposed to fighting each other individually. >> we all like to get together and help each other as much as we can, even with the small things. it helps out in the long run for everybody. >> reporter: joce sterman, abc 2 news. >> and joce says if you're interested in sharing with your neighborhoods, the best way to get started is by spreading the word with flyers or just talking with the people on your street. [ closing bell ]
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>> the streak has been snapped. after eight straight sessions of gains, the dow fell more than 36 points. the nasdaq managed to gain just over 1, and the s&p fell more than 2 points. now despite the drop in the dow, there was a bit more to cheer about here in baltimore. first mariner skyrocketed today, gaining more than 20% to end the week. in linthicum, the sienna corporation capped off its week about 1 1/3 up. and under armour had a good day, closing up just shy of 1%. now the forecast certified baltimore's most accurate. here is chief meteorologist norm lewis and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> okay. so we have the potential tonight for some flooding. particularly on the eastern shore? >> yeah. as a matter of fact, they have extended the flash flood watches for a larger portion of maryland than earlier because of all the rain that we have had. plus more of this coming overnight and during the early morning hours. the big thing, everybody wants to know what is going on with danny. danny was meandering around today. while it is now starting to
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move. it is really picking up some speed. not much power, but really picking up speed. which is good, because it's accelerating away from the united states. we'll tell you about it in a second and show it to you. take a look outside. the shot from harbor cam looking down on pratt street. our temperatures across the area right now not too bad. but as you can see, the flash flood watch has been extended. what's going on with carroll county? they're in red. a flash flood warning out there. they had thunderstorms just about an hour, hour and a half ago come through carroll county, dump heavy amounts of rain. of course, all the little creeks and streams. all the water running off a lot of the farmland out there. but the flash flood watches, most of it remains in effect until about 2:00 in the morning. carroll county will be a flash flood warning until 12:30 in the morning, or 12:30 right after the midnight hour. it also continues on to the eastern shore and portions of delaware. so a lot of rainfall across the region. here are your tides tomorrow at fort mchenry. low tide 10:20 in the morning. high tide 2:25 in the afternoon.
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tomorrow's winds from the east at 8 to 14 miles per hour. sun comes up at 6:32. sets at 7:41. low was 69 degrees. the highs today 71, which did hit our 2-degree guarantee. we've hit it four days in a row now. as far as temperatures across the area right now, everybody is cooling off, and a lot of fog is forming. if you're going to be driving late tonight, early tomorrow morning, be advised very thick fog. now take a look at our satellite picture. throughout the day, we saw the shower and thunderstorm activity early this morning. then again this afternoon. and then again this evening. and a lot of heavy stuff on the eastern shore. but here comes more rainfall. it's all being fed by see this little circulation down here? that's that trough of low pressure int the upper atmosphere that is driving all that tropical moisture on up. and here is the northern remnants of danny right here. it is still way out in the atlantic. not really going to affect our weather. our weather is going to be driven by this area of low pressure, making its way up the eastern seaboard. there is what is going on with danny, moving towards the northeast now at 10 miles an hour. still winds of 40 miles an hour. still going to stay way off the
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atlantic. actually it's going to be farther out into the atlantic than what they were originally talking about. all it's going to do is cause heavy surf along the eastern seaboard and riptides. but it's not really going to impact our weather. that trough of low pressure out of the carolinas. that's going to be affecting our weather. now a closer look at the shower activity that we had throughout the day today. there it is right there. and in more shower activity, as you look back down to the southwest of d.c., making its way in our direction. so rainfall is not over yet. but the way things are looking, by tomorrow afternoon, once danny gets by and once the trough of low pressure gets by, things are going the start to improve, and improve very rapidly. right now maryland's most powerful radar continues to watch the heavy rainfall moving up into pennsylvania. there some of that rain right this that came through portions of carroll county. you can still see some showers there to the west of the d.c. area. also showers on the lower eastern shore making their way up through sections of delaware and also ocean city right now getting some very heavy rainfall. temperature-wise everybody in
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the low 70s. fallston 70. 72 in downtown. and 71 right now in the arnold area. here is the way it's going on. okay. the activity that we had this afternoon continues to accelerate northward. the shower activity down to the southwest of d.c. will pass through the region. there is the activity from danny way off the coast. it all moves north very quick. by tomorrow afternoon we'll a still see some scattered showers. but then some breaks in the overcast. sunday is looking halfway decent. that's if everything pans out there. is a chance everything could stall off the eastern seaboard, and continue the showers into monday. but i just don't think that's going to happen. here is your forecast for the overnight period. cloudy, fog. showers and storms, 69 for the overnight low. during day tomorrow on saturday, a few showers and storms. but some gradual clearing in the afternoon. high of 82 degrees. the 82 tomorrow followed by partly cloudy. keep your fingers crossed. on sunday 79. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday, some cooler temperatures, lower humidity with quite a bit of sunshine. hope you all have a nice weekend. try to stay dry. >> thank you, norm.
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the rain norm just mentioned caused the orioles to get off to a late start tonight against the indians. felix peay hit a solo home run in the 7th. the birds poured it on, scoring 13 wins, going on the win it 13- 4. and beginning in september, you can catch the o's down at the yard for just $1. the team will once again partner with to offer fans $1 upper deck tickets for most of their remaining games, except against the red sox. this is the same promotion massen and the orioles ran at the end of last season. we'll be right back. they have alzheimer's and heart disease,
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diabetes and cancer. and they've heard that biomedical research offers hope, that it could control, maybe even cure, their disease. senator barbara mikulski understands the importance of innovative biomedical research, for patients, their families,
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and our economy here in maryland. call senator mikulski today. tell her, thanks for protecting the promise of biomedical research and the maryland jobs it provides. it's not just the future, it's life.
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drug dealing landed him behind bars for near lay decade. now he is out, and he is hoping to turn lives around. delia goncalves has an update now on a former inmate we profiled back in february, and his future goals. >> reporter: michael williams is back in baltimore. >> it's a relief. >> reporter: after being locked up for nearly ten years. >> i consider myself beyond lucky. being shot two different times, both federal and state. >> reporter: we first met williams in february. >> thank you for coming out. you can see our production. >> reporter: he was performing a self-written play for families visiting the jessup correctal facility. >> hey, how you doing, sir. >> reporter: where you all at is a dramatic reenact ofment of his life growing up in baltimore's drug trade, from 15 to age 30. >> as a result of my involvement through my peers, now you have what you had today
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in the streets. >> reporter: one of the first lives taken this year was his younger brother, mario williams, who was shot and killed outside club rumors. a pain that has inspired him to help people change their lives while challenging his own. >> so if i'm telling them to hold it, stop, that means i must hold it stop also. and it don't hurt no worse when it's your brother. >> reporter: williams hopes to take his story of hard knocks to community and schools around baltimore. he has even lined up at milford mill academy. and though he now spends his day at a prerelease rehab facility, his nights are spent dreaming of his future, beyond the restrictions of the department of corrections, and beyond the restraints of a former dope dealer. >> it's extremely hard. it's extremely hard. especially when you coming from that lifestyle. >> reporter: now the man who used to make 30 grand a day dealing is happy with an honest minimum wage job, because now michael williams is finally
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back in baltimore, and back for good. delia goncalves, abc 2 news. >> williams hopes to be released for good in a couple of weeks. he is scheduled to take the stage at milford mill academy november 13th. and we'll be back with a final look at the forecast in just a moment. plus, tonight's mega millions numbers. they're worth a lot. produce with a 100% guarantee...
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being as i'm sitting here -- >> we forgot to play. >> i tell you what. we've got some showers and thunderstorms during the day tomorrow as this whole system passes us by. and then things looking a lot better for the end of the weekend and the beginning of the week. >> very good. that's all for us tonight. thank you for watching. remember, you can follow all the stories we're covering on have a wonderful weekend. good night.
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